"Runner’s Kitchen is the best place to enjoy healthy food that’s creative, delicious and fun"

Xander Angeles and Bianca King started running together 3 years ago.  He got addicted to the healthy lifestyle and just like Bianca, became more conscious of the food he eats.  He lost around 50 lbs. in the process. Bianca, on the other hand, has always loved creating menus and cooking for friends at home. She studied fitness nutrition and went to culinary school after learning about how the eating habits of her dad and grandmother contributed to their health problems. Xander saw the lack of healthy options in the Tomas Morato area, where they and a lot of their celebrity friends work. They wanted to inspire people to be healthy by giving them a cozy place in the QC area where they can trust the food to be comforting and reliable. Xander gathered some friends, including Glaiza de Castro and Abby Asistio, to put Runner’s Kitchen together.

Runner’s Kitchen supports the organic food movement. Everyone gets to help our organic farmers by simply eating at the restaurant.  The owners also believe that if you want to serve truly healthy food, it’s combination of wholesome ingredients and healthy cooking methods. People are looking for healthy food that’s creative but of course, delicious.  That’s exactly what Runner’s Kitchen is about.  They make things fresh and from scratch with ingredients that come directly from small farms.

Food is your fuel for your activities.  You want to fill yourself with good stuff that’s going to give you energy, not make you feel sluggish.  If you want/need to be watching what you eat for whatever reason - whether it be health, fitness or vanity, food should still be fun!   Runner’s Kitchen is here to help people enjoy eating healthy.

Runner’s Kitchen doesn’t just serve great food but it is also a cool space to hang out in and have smoothies, specialty coffee and guilt-free desserts where people can get creative and zone out alone or bond with friends.  They play curated music and have the perfect Instagrammable setting for food shots and OOTDs. It’s a complete experience.  But what sets them apart the most is that they have something for every type of diet - paleo, pescetarian, gluten-free, low carb, vegan, you name it.  They make their own cashew milk for those who want to have their coffee with a non-dairy nut milk. And yes, the meats and veggies are free of the nasty stuff.

People also say “healthy eating is expensive” but Bianca and Xander ask to look at this way – you are putting it in your body right?  Your health and your looks are on the line.  It’s the best investment you can do for yourself, to feed yourself well. Not deprive yourself of great food you need to keep yourself happy and strong! They understand the struggles of eating what you want and eating what you need.  They solved that problem at Runner’s Kitchen so you can enjoy eating healthy!